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Cheyenne and Stetson's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser

They changed

our lives.

We're on a quest

to save theirs.

Heartbreakingly, both of our fur babies have been diagnosed with different types of cancer within one week of each other. We are raising money to cover their exhorbitant treatment cost. It is our hope that this campaign will also bring awareness to the costs associated with canine cancer treatment and the far-behind-human canine cancer treatment options available to pet parents. Our dogs are fighters and so are we. Let's do this!

How You Can Help

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Large or small - we are grateful for anything you can contribute. 100% goes to fund Cheyenne and Stetson's life-saving treatments.

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Share our story on social media or download printable posters to help spread the word!

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Shop our Pet-Themed merch where anything we earn on top of the cost of production goes towards our beloved pups life-saving treatments.

Diagnosis & Treatments

Stetson has been diagnosed with canine lymphoma. While initially highly responsive to chemotherapy, the majority of dogs succumb to the disease within 1 year. We are trying to raise money for a proven, but costly life-saving Bone Marrow Transplant with an astonishing 89% cure rate (compared to the 0-2% cure rate with traditional chemotherapy.)

Cheyenne has been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. We won't know what grade it is until after her first scheduled surgery. Grade III tumors will kill a dog within 2-4 months without treatment.

Meet Our Inspiration

Cheyenne and Stetson have been BFF's since the moment they met. They are inseparable playmates and the absolute loves of our lives.

Media Inquiries

We're actively looking to partner with journalists and media outlets to help share our story. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an interview.



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#suppawt our cancer-ass kicking quest on social media @FCanineCancer and follow for updates on Cheyenne and Stetson's journey